Lordship Lane – A typical high street?

Lordship Lane – A typical high street?

Even before the onset of Covid 19 most retail areas were ailing, and some in terminal decline.

The change of consumer patterns towards online shopping, combined with high rents and high rates had already led to the collapse of both large chains and independents alike.

Lordship Lane is not immune from this, with fashion retailer Irma having ceased trading and local traders being pushed to the margins.

However, the affluent local population, combined with many people working from home, has meant that there has been a mini boom for food retailers and take away businesses. Speciality cheese shop Mons has an almost constant queue outside as does the excellent fish shop Moxons. And of course there is local favourite William Rose butchers, upmarket gift shop & parfumier Roullier White and numerous other eclectic retailers added to the mix.

In addition, we have let premises during the last year to new businesses whose models seem resilient to the current challenges. Hip pizza operation Yardsale have opened up and are trading strongly. Vegan café Arapina are currently fitting out and will be opening soon.

The lockdown seems to have reminded local residents (and those further afield) of the excellent products available on their doorsteps, and the pleasure of walking and shopping from home rather than waiting for another brown box on the doorstep.

The lesson seems to be that if the offer is the right one for the area then people are willing to vote with their feet and support local businesses and their local high street.

If you are interested in retail premises on Lordship Lane please contact C.nicholls@hindwoods.co.uk or visit our available properties page here.