Fire Risk
Assessment Services

Fire Risk Assessments play a vital role in making sure your property provides a safe environment for everyone who lives or works there. A 'suitable and sufficient' Fire Risk Assessment is therefore a legal requirement. All workplaces and any residential buildings with common areas must have the right safety measures to comply.

Our RICS surveyors specialise in conducting thorough Fire Risk Assessments. We check every aspect of your building, including its uses, so that appropriate fire safety precautions can be put in place.

Key Stages of Fire Risk Assessment

  • Identify hazards
  • Evaluate risks
  • Prepare emergency plans
  • Co-ordinate with your Responsible Person

As part of the Assessment, we check fire doors are clear, fire equipment is in place, emergency lighting works as intended, and signage is visible.

Although no timescales are set, a Fire Risk Assessment requires regular reviews. The government recommends an annual review for smaller premises. A review is also required whenever there are significant changes to the premises.

Whether you are a landlord of commercial property, or responsible for a residential management company, you can appoint Hindwoods to prepare and review your Fire Risk Assessment. We are happy to discuss the best options for your circumstances.

Fire Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Reinstatement cost assessments are an important consideration for your financial protection. Our surveyors will calculate the value of rebuilding your property, which can then be provided to your insurance company.

Insurance companies can use our professional valuation by Hindwoods to arrive at replacement costs. So if disaster strikes and your property is destroyed by fire, your appropriate insurance policy should cover reinstatement.

For more information, general guidance, or to book a Fire Risk Assessment, get in touch:

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Fire Risk Assessment

For more information, general guidance, or to book a Fire Risk Assessment, get in touch.